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Competition is good,

Teamwork is better

For Trustees, CrediTrust helps fiduciary services firms to extend their product offerings and transform their cost structures.  We believe competition is good but teamwork is even better and therefore our affiliates and strategic partners' needs are always at the heart of our business.  Our global teams of professionals are dedicated to helping you navigate the trust and fiduciary markets with confidence.​

Fund Managers can call on CrediTrust's highly experienced fund services team to set up and run investment funds in jurisdictions around the world. We offer a wide range of fund and corporate administration services, and can act as registrar, transfer agent, and security agent. We also include depositary, risk management, management company, and liquidation services as part of our offering.​

Our Solutions for

Financial Institutions

While many financial institutions recognize the critical value of offering fiduciary services in order to

complement their core investment proposition, some may lack the resources to deliver this internally.  Financial services providers are increasingly seeking the services of independent providers like CrediTrust. Our outsourcing methodology is focused on white labelling and transition of trust administration services. 

CrediTrust offers partnering services to medium-sized to global financial institutions, e.g. securities firms,

commercial banks, private banks and insurance companies, etc. Our aim is to become your strategic partner of choice, in delivering CrediTrust's full suite of fiduciary services to you and your clients.

Many financial institutions choose CrediTrust as their preferred partner because of our global coverage, breadth of proposition, scalable platform, and specialist knowledge of jurisdictions and products.

It demonstrates CrediTrust's global experience and ability to work closely with its partners, using our proven outsourcing methodologies and frameworks, as they assess how to optimize their operating models around the delivery of fiduciary services.

Whether your objectives are around flexibility of service, scalability, cost efficiency, operational excellence or risk management, CrediTrust brings a proven and disciplined approach to outsourcing with its financial services partners.

Our understanding of the increased regulatory environment and shift towards greater transparency means we are uniquely positioned to complement intermediary solutions in investment structuring, trade transactions, asset protection, tax planning, business and family succession, and estate planning.

Our support includes:

- Complex trust and fund formation advice

- Trust and fund administration support

- Provision of custodianship and nominee services

- Regulatory and compliance services

- Accounting and reporting

- Administrative and back office support

- Client servicing

Broad partnerships are the key to solving broad challenges
Ban Ki Moon, Secretary-General, United Nations

At CrediTrust, we believe in long-lasting and sustainable partnerships.  We are also seeking to constantly enrich the scope of the value-added services.

We have established partnerships with fellow professionals that enable us to offer our clients a variety of additional benefits and supreme level of satisfaction.  This extended network of partnerships allows us to maintain broad and innovative suite of solutions