Our Solutions for

Private Clients

Under our private client services offering, we provide fund and trust formation services to private clients, such as international entrepreneurial families and high net worth individuals.  In addition, we provide management services to assist our private clients in the management of their assets and in their estate planning.

Our structuring and administration services for private clients include structuring, management and administration of trusts and other vehicles that assist our clients with respect to asset management, asset preservation, estate planning and succession planning. 

In addition, we assist our private clients with their accounting, financial reporting and consolidation obligations.

Examples of trusts and other vehicles are:

- Private and Corporate Trusts

- Private Trust Companies

- Purpose Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles

- Charitable Trusts

- Employee Benefit Trusts

​- Private Equity and Alternative Investment Funds


For Corporate Clients, CrediTrust's services are designed from the ground up to suit the needs of today's business community; establishing companies in multiple jurisdictions, recruiting industry qualified directors, setting up registered offices, and putting in place every aspect of local administration.

Fund Managers can call on CrediTrust's highly experienced fund services team to set up and run investment funds in jurisdictions around the world. We offer a wide range of fund and corporate administration services, and can act as registrar, transfer agent, and security agent. We also include depositary, risk management, management company, and liquidation services as part of our offering.

For Trustees, CrediTrust helps fiduciary services firms to extend their product offerings and transform their cost structures.  We believe competition is good but teamwork is even better and therefore our affiliates and strategic partners' needs are always at the heart of our business.  Our global teams of professionals are dedicated to helping you navigate the trust and fiduciary markets with confidence.

Helping families​ build legacy

for generation to come

For Philanthropists, CrediTrust Philanthropic Services can help you achieve your charitable vision and make the most of your gifts. Our philanthropic specialists help you evaluate your giving strategies, determine your needs, and create a comprehensive, efficient gifting plan.

CreditTrust Group

For Family Offices, if your family office does not have any in-house experts providing all-round trust and wealth planning solutions, CrediTrust will be your perfect external partner to work with because we offer family offices a wide range of products and services designed with the unique needs of the family office clients.  We help family offices extend their product offerings and transform their cost structures.

CreditTrust Group

Building structures

​lasting for generations

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At CrediTrust, we believe that true growth never stops. It is something we strive for every day, without believing the work is ever done. This belief in better forms the basis for all our services. With the ever-changing global business landscape we are committed to staying up to date with international regulations and developments at all times. That is why we are confident in promising our clients consistent high quality support and, most importantly, peace of mind about their international administration and operations.