For Family Offices, if your family office does not have any in-house experts providing all-round trust and wealth planning solutions, CrediTrust will be your perfect external partner to work with because we offer family offices a wide range of products and services designed with the unique needs of the family office clients.  We help family offices extend their product offerings and transform their cost structure.

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CrediTrust Philanthropic Services can help you achieve your charitable vision and make the most of your gifts. Our philanthropic specialists help you evaluate your giving strategies, determine your needs, and create a comprehensive, efficient gifting plan.

If you serve as an executive for a charitable organization, our professionals can even manage the day-to-day operations of your foundation or nonprofit, giving you more time to focus on your big-picture goals.

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Philanthropy means lots of different things to different people and the varied ambitions of our clients are a reflection of their diverse range of backgrounds. There are wonderful opportunities for you to drive change.  Let’s explore the possibilities.  Our Philanthropy advisors work with you to enhance your philanthropic impact by helping:

  • Refine your mission and giving plans

  • Assess structures and strategies so that they truly support your goals

  • Engage loved ones in your philanthropy

  • Connect to innovations, best practices, key thinkers and potential partners

  • ​Target the right opportunities to have an impac

CrediTrust's Philanthropy advisors are deeply experienced professionals who can serve as your conduit to best practices, innovations, critical nonprofit networks and the vast resources of our own global firm.

Target the right opportunities to make a difference

When done well, philanthropy can create tremendous, positive change in the lives of others and for our world.

Once philanthropists identify the cause they wish to focus on, it is important to think about what strategies are most effective in creating positive change. This often requires understanding, research and collaboration.
Ask the questions:

Where is the real need?

Are other philanthropists working in this area? What are their goals? What have they been able to accomplish?
Are there gaps in funding that you might be able to address?

Given your resources (time, talent and treasure), what might you truly hope to accomplish, alone or in partnership with others?

How will you assess whether your efforts have had the desired impact?

Fortunately, you do not need to do this on your own.

CrediTrust offers the advice, learning opportunities and connections to help make your philanthropy a vital and effective force in your chosen field.

Visa and Immigration Advice. Whether you are looking to business relocation or change in the domicile, wanting to divide your time between different countries or looking for dual citizenship, our team can cut through the red tape.

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